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Ψ 847 Éliane Radigue

  • Durée totale: 144:24

Livret bilingue (français, anglais) de 24 pages

“The performance of Ψ 847 is about to begin. Once again, Radigue has employed one of her favoured sound dissemination tricks: directing the banks of loudspeakers not toward the audience, but toward the building… The soundboard is at the rear of the house, and Marchetti will be playing the tapes from there. Radigue is in a seat, like any other audience member. There will be nothing to see, no one on stage, no visual distractions. But what happens when you listen to this music? What sensations, feelings or thoughts emerge? Obviously, any drone-based music generates, first of all, a physical experience… You must give in, abandon yourself, forget about trying to figure out whether three minutes or an hour have elapsed. This is… truly an experience of slowness. A rare moment for which you must prepare, and be in the right condition (no need to meditate, or try to achieve a trance state, either: a little concentration will suffice!)… Once you’ve accepted the loss of physical bearings, you can then attempt to grasp Radigue’s compositional talent: locating motifs that modulate and transform at varying intervals; appreciating the evolution, the appearance of a new movement, or, as in the case of Ψ 847, the insensible dissolution of the music.” —Thibaut De Ruyter, Berlin (Germany), 2012

Ψ 847

Éliane Radigue

Lionel Marchetti

ORAL 57 / 2013

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La presse en parle

  • Nick Storring, Musicworks, no 116, lundi 1 juillet 2013
    It’s meditative vocabulary of secret gestures is utterly intriguing and highly captivating — just as one might expect from Radigue


Nick Storring, Musicworks, no 116, lundi 1 juillet 2013