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Quelques reflets Ces énigmes lumineuses

For she who helps me to tame happiness

Something is instilled into me when, whilst sitting on a park bench watching my kids at play, I contemplate the drift of my thoughts. Or, when the sun surprises me halfway through an errand, I take the time to stop and to let its rays caress me through my eyelids. Or when I am cuddled against my lover, half-listening dreamily to the radio.

These moments share the feeling of a slowing of time, a serene opposition to the polyrhythm of contemporary life, a well-being into contemplation… Happiness, ineffable, emerges as a slow, voluptuous meditation… To paraphrase Daniel Pennac: they are “radiant enigmas.”


Ces énigmes lumineuses was realized in 2010 at the studio of Miso Music Portugal in Lisbon (Portugal) and premiered on September 23, 2010 during the Música Viva festival at the Instituto Franco-Português in Lisbon (Portugal). The piece was commissioned by Miso Music Portugal. Thanks to the whole team of Miso Music Portugal: Paula de Castro Guimarães, Violeta Barradas, Marta Catana, Miguel Azguime, Pedro Ferreira, and Jose Grossinho.

About this Recording

This version was mastered in June 2011 by Dominique Bassal in Montréal.

Variants of this Track

  • 5.1 • PCM • 48 kHz • 24 bits
  • 5.1 • Dolby Digital • 48 kHz • 24 bits
  • 2.0 • PCM • 48 kHz • 24 bits
  • 2.0 • MP3 • 320 kbps
  • 2.0 • AAC • 320 kbps