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Works Resounding Denis Smalley


  • Denis Smalley
  • Year of composition: 2004
  • Duration: 14:45
  • Instrumentation: 6-track fixed medium
  • Commission: Sonorities Festival with support from the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Resounding is the third in a series of pieces which use resonant metallic sounds as the point of departure. It was composed as a companion piece for the second of the trilogy, Ringing Down the Sun, commissioned in 2002 by the Danish Institute for Electroacoustic Music (DIEM).

The title refers to the ringing of resonant sounds, the filling of space with sound, and to the notion of sounding again — as heard, for example, in the cyclic rhythms of resonances, prolonged, decaying, or sent travelling through the “orchestrated” listening space. Spatially, two ideas are prevalent — resonance heard as if from the interior of objects of varying dimensions, and the external resonance of spaces as experienced, for instance, in a large cathedral. The idea of sounding again is also at the heart of the formal progress of the piece, which focuses on the return of materials in changed surroundings. Furthermore, sounds previously encountered in Ringing Down the Sun, and in Base Metals (the first of the trilogy) are taken up and given new lives.


Resounding premiered on April 28, 2004, for the opening of the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) in Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK). It was commissioned by Sonorities with support from the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Thanks to Derek Shiel, whose sound sculptures have provided a never-ending richness of resonant sounds.


  • April 28, 2004, Sonorities 2004: Denis Smalley, Sonic Arts Research Centre — Queen’s University, Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK)