L’Orchestre de granulation
A_dontigny, Crawford, d’Orion, Dufort…

L’Orchestre de granulation

The Granulation Orchestra
NT 086
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Radio // L’Orchestre de granulation
L’Orchestre de granulation
L’Orchestre de granulation
Digital: No Type (web) (2006) NT 086

L’orchestre de granulation was a longtime dream project of A_dontigny. After many failed attempts due to lack of funding or of an appropriate venue, L’orchestre de granulation finally took the stage on October 18, 2003 for a unique performance at the Rien à voir (14) concert series. The result? A surprisingly coherent 32 minutes composition, featuring seven daredevil improvisers using granular synthesis processing. The original performance was spatialized on a 24-loudspeaker orchestra by Louis Dufort.

Track Listing

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      L’orchestre de granulation (2003)
      • PCM
        • Stereo 2.0