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Radio // … et autres utopies
… et autres utopies
Here and There (2003), 10m09s [excerpt]
Track 1 from … et autres utopies
CD: empreintes DIGITALes (2006) IMED 0682
  • … and Other Utopias

    Utopian, these aural mirages surely are — not in the political sense of the Ideal City, but in the etymological sense of ou-topos: belonging to no specific location, except for imaginary territories; creatures of illusion and, in this case, sound. These aural “non-lieux,” these chimeras of perception, resulting from treatments and made from unlikely parts that are loosing their identity, stripped off of any audible source, are fictional beings born out of a dreamer’s nomadic invention.

    Also utopian are — haven’t it been said often enough? — these sonic structures attempting to avoid traditional music codes, disregarding their imperatives, and offering a stream of mental images to our psyche. However, do we really have to be reminded of all these things that we know so well? Certainly, for in these cybernetic times, is there anything more necessary than the reality of utopia?

    So, here are five fantasies to be listened to with eyes closed; in sequence, they dream up sound in space, mankind’s revolt against its own nature, a few light phenomena, a symbolic journey, and the tumultuous manifestations of exaltation.

    Francis Dhomont [English translation: François Couture, viii-06]