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28 November 2014

Today November 28, 2014 is the birthday of Laetitia Sonami (1957).

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28 November 2014

We suggest you check out Morphogenèse by Erik Nyström, the latest addition to our shop.

28 November 2014
20 November 2014

Today on electro:thèque, hear a full album stream of Titakti by Philippe Le Goff.

12 November 2014
By François Couture in Monsieur Délire (Québec), November 12, 2014


“… the kind of record that will always give you something more.”

[Translation] Who has the biggest sound? Paul Dolden, of course. Who could forget the dense, far-reaching, implacable sonic environments of L’ivresse de la vitesse and Délires de plaisirs? Dolden, after eight years of silence on record, is back with one of his strangest, deepest, most off-kilter works to date. This CD features two works. Who Has the Biggest Sound is a 15-movement, 52-minute opus where minute details pile up (and up, and up) to form… high-speed musical chases… dysfunctional country songs and tangos… and choirs of human, mammal, and insect voices. A master of ceremony steps in at times to try to put some order in the proceedings - comic relief that works well at times (More Unanswered Questions) but falls flat elsewhere. It’s the only weak link in an otherwise astounding work. And spoiler alert: it’s nature who has the biggest sound, the nicest melodies, and who plays the fastest. By a long shot. The second work on this CD is The Un-tempered Orchestra, a highly entertaining ride through non-Bach-approved tuning (and detuning) systems that can’t fail to evoke Harry Partch - if he’d ever had access to a 100+ ensemble. Dolden’s work - like Noah Creshevsky’s or MC Maguire’s - is so rich in layers that a single listen won’t reveal everything. Actually, this is the kind of record that will always give you something more. Strongly recommended.

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